StrucBioCat is a Center of Expertise for the structure-based discovery, characterization, and development of new biocatalysts and new biomolecules. The center is built around the common research interests of the research groups of Wierenga (protein crystallographic studies of enzymes and proteins), Juffer (biocomputing) and Neubauer (directed evolution). This center of expertise has a strong commitment to further expand its expertise in biocatalysis. The research focus is aimed at providing a deeper understanding of enzyme mechanisms. Such knowledge is crucial for the development of structure-based biotechnology, for example for generating non-natural enzymes or for the discovery of tight-binding ligands and inhibitors, which have great potential value in human health related applications.

The work of the StrucBioCat Center of Expertise includes the quantitative biophysical and enzymological characterisation of the selected proteins and enzymes, complemented with structural and biocomputational characterisation of these proteins. Via iterative cycles in which characterisation, directed evolution and prediction are the key components, new biocatalysts and biomolecules will be generated. These methodologies require highly advanced expertises and an excellent infrastructure for the structural, biophysical, enzymological and biocomputing studies.

Strubiocat should be seen as a global center-of-expertise, with the main partners located at the Department of Biochemistry at the Linnanmaa campus. In this way StrucBioCat has access to all key techniques required for its mission.

Mission Statement

To provide a dedicated, high quality infrastructure for academic and commercial research activities and services for the discovery, characterization and development of commercially viable biomolecules and biocatalysts